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Leisure Lakes Equestrian, The Gravel Mere-Brow, Tarleton, Preston, PR4 6JX


Do the horses have names?

Yes. Our coachmen and drivers will be happy to tell you all about the horses – all you need to do is ask

What happens if a horse relieves itself outside my house?

In the unlikely event of this happening, our drivers and coachmen are on hand to discreetly and efficiently restore order.

How far will you travel?

Our horses will pull a carriage for up to 8 miles.

For distances greater than this we can arrange to meet halfway or make alternative arrangements to ensure that you can still arrive in horse drawn style.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains we will keep you dry! Our carriages are either fully enclosed or have hoods and sides which can be in place in seconds.

No matter what the weather we will make sure you arrive completely dry.

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